• Episode 1

    The highly anticipated first episode of The Darkest Hour brings the story of a gangbanger that couldn’t escape the…

  • Episode 2 – Television version

    The second episode of The Darkest Hour combines the stories of a little girl lost in a sea of…

  • Episode 3 – Television version

    The third episode of The Darkest Hour combines the stories “soldier of misfortune” along with “axx of violence”.

  • Little Girl Lost

    Misplaced trust in an authority figure within the church pushed a seven-year-old girl on a journey of self-destruction.

  • A Soldier’s War

    Volunteering to fight a war in the Middle East led to a whole new series of battles once this…

  • Deathbed Addiction

    Pronounced dead, his addiction had not only killed his marriage it landed him in the ICU where his family…

  • Axxs of Violence

    Gang banging on the streets, watching his father beat his mom and running from the law was the only…

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