Share Your Story

Share Your Story

The Darkest Hour is all about connecting people with others whom they can understand, relate to, and learn from because of similar struggles. Maybe you are seeking an outlet where your pain can serve a purpose or a way where your story can be a compass to help others overcome the struggles you have already defeated. Multitudes of people who are battling demons of their own would love to hear your story, and we do too.

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How to Share Your Story

Make a Video

Record a video with your phone, Go Pro, camera, etc. Be brief but descriptive. Explain your struggle and how your life has changed. Offer hope and encouragement. Once completed, send us a link to the video from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Write It Down

If being on film makes you nervous, no big deal. Send us your story via email or through regular mail. Explain your journey, your escape, and what you would say to someone reading your story.

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Your story could be a feature in future television episodes or used for encouragement on The Darkest Hour website.

If we decide to use your story, we will only do so with your written permission.

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